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The Equestrian World in Latin America

Horseback riding is one of the best and most authentic ways to discover and visit a place. On a horse trail life is real, and you discover the deepest parts of the territory visited. The people, culture, music and gastronomy are some of the experiences at the core of horseback riding. 


For lovers of the equestrian world, it is exciting to know and understand how in each region, country, or geographical area the culture around the horse is different and so varied. In Latin America, the equestrian lifestyle is abundant, but only two cultures of the region have worldwide notoriety; El Gaucho from Argentina and El Charro from Mexico. 

Everyone knows the American Cowboy and the Spanish Horsemen, but very few know the Llanero (Venezuela and Colombia), the Chalan (Peru), El Huaso (Chile) or El Pantaneiro, (Brazil) ... We have all heard about Andalusian horses of Spain, the Quarter horses of the United States, the Thoroughbred horses of England and the Percherón of France, but very few know the Colombian and Peruvian Paso Fino, the Argentinian and Chilean Creole, the Crioulo and the Mangalarga Marchador Brasileiro and the Aztec Mexican Horse.

That is why ALATCE was born, to show to the world the richness and variety of equine culture in Latin America. To keep alive and proud not only the beautiful and unique horse breeds but the rider who has maintained this noble animal not only as a friend, but also as work and life partner.

...Que no se muere la raza primo, de los hombres de a caballo, o que muera yo primero,

pa no tener que llorarla...
Cholo Valderrama, Colombian music singer.

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