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ALATCE member

ALATCE seeks to group Equestrian Tourism Operators in Latin America, to foster cooperation between them, and presenting themselves as a single professional block in the world of equestrian tourism and sharing the same quality standards for tourism in this sector.

The organizers of horseback riding and expeditions on horseback in Latin America who wish to become members of our ALATCE can contact us through our email 

ALATCE Culture

Protect, rescue and promote equestrian culture through Workshops, Congresses, Events, Conferences, Travel and Technical Advice, generally in Cooperation with Governments, National Tourism Offices and Equestrian Federations of Latin America.

Environmental ALATCE: "CLIMATE RAIDERS" - TV Program

This project was designed by our equine lovers of our association who have created a project like no other, to educate, create awareness, and combat climate change in Latin America. Here is an idea of what’s to come: the biggest developmental challenge facing Latin America and the Caribbean is that of climate change.

This project portrays human stories, it shows us how vulnerable to the climate we are and the need for more resilience towards these issues. This is demonstrated through a  backdrop scenario of a world-class epic adventure.
This adventure is a 2,500 km journey on horseback. It will be made by five of the most experienced horse riders. Crossing five Latin American countries, through some of the most magnificent and complicated sceneries in the world.
They will cross numerous ecosystems, each with its particular climate challenges; from the scorching expanses of the Atacama desert in Chile to the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil. Along the way, they will look for testimonials on how people are facing the threat of an ever-changing climate.

By raising awareness about the effects of climate change, it will help close the knowledge gap between public and private institutions that deal with this issue and the general public.

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Saddling Up The World, TV Program


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