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Paul Coudenys - Brazil

Co-Founder of and President of ALATCE

If anyone can say "been there, done that" then it’s Paul Coudenys!

Paul, born in Flanders Belgium, was once in his previous life a farrier.


At age 21, he travelled backpacking around the globe, 3 years later and with a luggage full of travel and riding experiences he returned to Belgium. During his "long journey", he worked as a blacksmith shoeing horses at the polo club in Singapore, as a blacksmith and cowboy at a cattle station in Australia, as a gaucho in South America and as a rider in too many places and countries to mention.

In 1996 he founded “Hippo-Trek” and became one of the pioneers of worldwide riding holidays in Europe. Paul rode horses in 53 different countries and is perhaps one of the most experienced trail riders in the world. Loving the great horse culture and hospitality in Latin America Paul decided to move to Brazil in 2010. He lives in the southern state of Santa Catarina, home of the South American gaucho (cowboy).


After years of experience in organizing and guiding equestrian holidays and riding expeditions around the world, he now only concentrates on  trail rides and equestrian tourism in Latin America. He is guiding all the riding trips himself and assures you participating at the best horse treks in Latin America.

He speaks 6 languages, loves humor and life, is a very social person and knows like no other how to take you on a ride on the wild side!

Owner and director of “Gaucho do Brasil” - Brazil & “Entre Orejas S.A”. - Panama

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Angel Gutiérrez Arróniz - Mexico

Co-Founder of  ALATCE

Ángel was born in central Mexico in 1968. Half Mexican and half Spanish, spent his first years between Mexico and Spain and inherited the love and passion for horses from his grandparents. His Spanish grandfather worked all his life with horses; and his Mexican grandparents, originally from the state of Jalisco, were closely related to the world of charrería and horse.

He began to ride a horse when he was just a child, with the teacher "Don Agustín" , an old man who used to be one of the most famous "Charros" in the state. For years he has ridden through different places and countries.

Ángel is the founder and current director of his company Ecoturismo & Aventuras de México DMC ®, one of the pioneer horse travel operators in Mexico, and he is undoubtedly one of the most experienced horse riders in the country. He designed safe routes on horseback in Barrancas Del Cobre (Chihuahua), in Sierra de Organ (Zacatecas), Sierra Central (Guanajuato), Lagos de Moreno (Jalisco), in addition to other countries such as Spain. He has organized and participated in horseback expedition and horseback riding to great personalities, such as President Vicente Fox Quezada to mention any. 

If there any person who knows where are the best horse rides in Mexico, that is Angel. Today, his company “Ecotourism & Adventures of Mexico DMC ®” is one of the best known Tour Operator, Specialist in Equestrian Tourism and Adventure Tourism.

His rides have been recognized with the "National Tourism Prize", delivered to the President of Mexico Lic. Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, in addition to receiving "The Distinctive Modernize" The Distinctive "M" is the recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism to Those Tourism Companies that have successfully implemented the Modernize Quality Program and that endorses the adoption of best practices and a distinction of a model tourism company.

Owner and director of Ecotourism and Adventures of Mexico DMC - México

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Marcos Liberona Reyes - Chile

Co-Founder of ALATCE

Marco is a guide of horseback riding, mountain and teacher at the university in the area of ​​Ecotourism, serving as Professor of Tourism of Special Interests. He has been determined to teach and promote equestrian culture in universities and tourism schools.

Something that characterizes Marcos is his constant action for the search and design of new routes that combine history and nature. He is a pioneer in adventure tourism and horseback riding routes in Chile.

He has to his credit, the design and commercialization of two routes, "The Crossing of the Andes of 1817" and "The Footprint of Charles Darwin in Chile" in addition to being one of the drivers of Andes Riding Chile, Andes Trek Adventure.

Together with Latin American equestrian tourism entrepreneurs from Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, he founded ALATCE (Latin American Association of Tourism and Equestrian Culture), an entity of which he is the secretary.

Owner and director of Andes Trek Adventure - Chile & Andes Riding Chile - Chile.

Ernesto Barreto

Ernesto Barreto - Colombia

Co-Founder of ALATCE

Since childhood, Ernesto was passionate about horses and outdoors, in his homeland, Colombia. Ernesto is the founder of his equestrian center and business group, where he inspires hundreds of children and adults to be part of the world of horses.


Lover of the equestrian culture of his country Colombia and Latin America in general and is also co-founder and representative of ALATCE in Colombia. (Latin American Association of Equestrian Tourism and Culture)..


Ernest is a gentleman and a born leader. Talking and putting together projects around the horse world is what he likes to do most in life.

Owner and director of, Valle Verde Centro Ecuestre & Outdoors S.A.S - Colombia.

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