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Ancestral Cavalcade, Chile

08 days - 07 nights  - 06 days on horseback

Volcanoes, Lakes, Hot Springs and Araucarias 



Surround yourself with magnificent volcanoes, lush evergreen forests, thundering rivers, extensive lakes, and the mighty Andes mountain range. This region distinguishes itself during the winter months, when the mountains are powdered by snow, and tourists rush to the thermal waters and ski resorts. What is most appealing about this area is the range of people one meets, from the nature-connected  indigenous tribes of the Mapuches- Pewuenches (Araucanos), and colonos, to the rugged yet welcoming pioneering families. This trip will show everything the majestic nothingness of Chile has to offer.

Day by day


day 1: Temuco - Lonquimay 

You will be picked up from the Temuco Airport, the land of indigenous tradition and the gates to the Araucania. From there, you will have breakfast in Temuco (at your own expense) and we will go to Lonquimay afterwards. This city is unique in Chile, since it is the only one that is found behind the Andean mountain range. Afterwards, we will head towards the county of Galletue to visit the Mapuche -Pewenche community of Quinquen. We will partake in local ceremony led by the Lonco (Chief of the community) to grant us good wishes and safe travels. From here we will go to a French colonial house, where we will spend the night. This will be an opportunity to check the horses and saddles, dinner will also be provided. 


day 2: Hacienda Galletue- Pehuenco Community
(distance 27km)

After dressing the horses for the ride ahead, we will wake up early to begin our ride towards the Pehuenco community. To do this we will follow the edge of lake Galletue towards the Cerro Redondo antiguo. This ride will take us through forests, beaches, and rural roads barely frequented deep in colonial parcels. After lake Galletue, we will descend on a large plateau towards Liucura to cross the Biobío river. Then, we will arrive to the Pehuenco community. Where the Lonko (chief) of the community will welcome us with the Trawun ceremony. 

day 3: Pehuenco- Laguna Verde- Tralihue
(distance 35km)

From the Pehuenco community, we will ride towards lake Los Patos where we will ride an extensive rural trail which will take us up in altitude and will take us through Pehuenco and Colonial land. Once at lake Los Patos (after 2 hours riding), we will arrive at an overlook. Which will present us with a view of the Andean mountain range and the closest volcanoes; Mocho, Lonquimay, Batea Mahuida, Sierra Nevada. Then we will begin our descent among the tall coniferous native forests like the Ñirres and Lengas. After another 2 hour ride, we arrive at the Laguna Verde, there we will rest at a Pehuenque stable where we will have a picnic. Afterwards we will continue our descent, this time following the Tralihue River among some of the most awe-inspiring scenery. Arrival at the Conaf booth. Land transfer to Liucura. Dinner and accommodation

day 4: Tralihue- Salto del Cuchare- Tralihue- Liucura

( distance 24km)

In the morning we will ride towards the Salto del Cuchare, which is located in the Biobío National Park. It will take approximately 3 hours on horseback. We will cross the Lengas, Ñirres, and Araucarias forests. Along the way, we will cross Pehuenche “verandas”, where the indegenous populations raise their animals and cultivate Pinion nuts; a staple crop to the native populations. After crossing the estuaries we will arrive at the salto de agua. Then we will return to Liucura.

day 5: Tralilhue - Pino Solo - Pinos Quemado - El Colorado (distance 31 km )

We will leave at 9.00am and head towards the Alto Biobío National Park. From there we will cross the Pino Sólo River and ride up the canyon that carries the same name. From this position, you can see the Pino Sólo river and its mountains covered in the various evergreen trees. We then continue towards the mountaintop headed to  Paso  Pino Quemado, where water surges from between the rocks.


Around 2.00pm we will resume our ride to the cerro bayo, where La Aduana Internacional Pino Hachado and the Agua enterrada valley split. We’ll continue on that route down into the post Busto. From this vantage point, you can see the Liucura valley. Then our descent will take us down the Piedra Colorada river, where we will rest for a while before continuing to a zone called Cajón Luicura. Campsite at the home of Armando Sobarzo. 

day 6: Cajón Liucura - Volcán Batea Mahuida - Icalma

At 9.00am we will ride out towards the Cruzaco community. We will be surrounded by lush forests as we slowly ascend the skirts of the Batea Humida Volcano. With the Pehuenche community of the Cruzaco we will climb to the top of the volcano. Here we will be greeted with a panoramic view of the Andean mountain range, Argentinian lakes, and the Volcanos Lanin and Villarica to the south, and to the north El Llaima and Lonquimay.

From this grandiose vantage point, we will be presented with a goodbye ceremony led by the Loncos. From there we will descend towards Hotel Lonquimay Lodge, located in the principality of Lonquimay.

day 7:  Icalma - China Muerta - Valle de Quinquen - Lonquimay 

Here we will saddle new horses, and after breakfast will begin our ride towards the Quinquen Valley. Our ascension will take us through the mountain range, dense in Araucarias and Pelline trees. At this altitude, we will once again be greeted by a picturesque view of the lakes that surround us. Afterwards, we will arrive in the China Muerta sector, where we will have lunch that was prepared by the Mapuche - Pewenche people. After enjoying some authentic roasted lamb and enjoying the region’s beauty, we will continue towards Valle del Quinguen as our final leg in the journey comes to an end. We will then be transported towards Lonquimay, where we will have our final dinner.

day 7:  Lonquimay 

After breakfast, we will (if time allows) visit some local artisanal shops in Lonquimay. From there you will be taken to the Temuco airport, where our services will end.

Información Práctica

Practical Information

Good to know before you go:

  1. Travelers insurance is mandatory in order to participate.

  2. Vaccines are not needed to enter the country.

  3. Contact your country’s Chilean Embassy to inquire if Visas are needed.

  4. If you wish to use cash during the trip, it is recommended that you withdraw in the main city beforehand

  5. In some areas, paying with cards is possible (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express.

  6. Internet access during the trip is limited.

  7. Cell Phone coverage is limited in certain areas.

  8. Max rider weight is 100kg.

  9. Kids aged 14+ are allowed to participate as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

  10. The trip is available from November to April, the best months are from January to April.

  11. Average temperature is  24° Celsius, and can exceed 31° Celsius during the summer.

  12. Appropriate for riders with intermediate-experienced riding experience.

  13. During the trip you will be accompanied by a bilingual guide.

  14. A total of 130 km will be covered.

  15. Airport: the arrival/departure airport is the city of Temuzo (ZCO).

Travel gear:


  • 1 pair of trekking shoes

  • 4 pairs of thick socks

  • 1 pair of thin socks


  • Long underwear

  • 3 pairs of jeans

  • 1 pair of weatherproof pants

  • 1 pair of trekking pants

Upper Body

  • 3 undershirts 

  • 1 Fine synthetic sweater (polartec 100 or 200, or similar)
    1 Polar jacket

  • 1 winter coat for below freezing temperatures

  • 1 rain jacket

  • 5 cotton shirts

  • 1 neckerchief


  • Hat to block out the sun

  • Hat for cold weather

  • UV Sunglasses and lateral protectors

  • Hands

  • 1 pair of thin gloves

  • 1 pair of thick gloves

Backpacks and Bags

  • Backpack (30L recommended)

  • A large and strong bag, one of 80 liters will be large enough to store all the equipment (it will be transported in a support vehicle).

Sleeping Equipment

  • Sleeping bag (must sustain temperatures -20°C / -4°F)

  • Camping mattress

  • Insulation 

Precios & Fechas

Dates & Prices


08 days / 07 nights  / 06 days on horseback 

Price per person 2.750 USD

minimum  06 riders

maximum 14 riders



  • Transfer in/out Temuco-Lonquimay-Temuco

  • 3 star hotel in Lonquimay on the final night

  • 1 night in a hostel in Lincura

  • 1 night in a hostel in Icalma

  • 1 night camping with a pioneer family (tents provided: 2 people per tent)

  • 2 nights in an authentic French colonial home

  • All meals from the first dinner on night 1 to breakfast of day 8 (breakfasts, snacks, dinner)

  • 2 vaqueanos (local guides), local muleteers (Pehuenche and Colonos), 1 general group coordinator

  • 1 Support truck for equipment transport

Not Included:

  • Insurance: We REQUEST you to take a TRAVEL and TRIP Cancellation Insurance. Ask your local insurance company or travel agent about it. You will not be allowed to participate in the “ALATCE” riding holiday program without having these insurances.

  • Flight: international and local flights are NOT included. Gateway is Temuzo (ZCO)

  • Personal expenses 

  • Tips: (optional)

  • Nothing that is not described in the program


With the exception of the last day, in Lonquimay there are not many varieties and options of hostels along the route, so most of the lodges and hostels are on a double basis with shared bathrooms. Not all have wifi service. However, the last night is held in a beer themed hotel of great beauty and quality where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine  with components derived from beer, and  with the option of a relaxing thermal bath

The meals:

The food offered in this journey also emphasizes the local cuisine of the Mapuche-Pewenche culture, based on the pine nut. It is a fruit of the Araucaria, and it is cooked ancestral, this being the basis of the diet of the Pewenches.

For the hours of horseback riding, we will offer a snack based on a sandwich, cereal bar, nuts, fruit, and for drink, water. Local food is also provided in the hostels and restaurants included in the program, with an extensive menu. There is no problem in preparing food for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free.

z Marcos .JPG

Marcos Liberona Reyes.

Marco is a guide of horseback riding, mountain and teacher at the university in the area of ​​Ecotourism, serving as Professor of Tourism of Special Interests. He has been determined to teach and promote equestrian culture in universities and tourism schools.

Something that characterizes Marcos is his constant action for the search and design of new routes that combine history and nature. He is a pioneer in adventure tourism and horseback riding routes in Chile.

He has to his credit, the design and commercialization of two routes, "The Crossing of the Andes of 1817" and "The Footprint of Charles Darwin in Chile" in addition to being one of the drivers of Andes Riding Chile, Andes Trek Adventure.

Together with Latin American equestrian tourism entrepreneurs from Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, he founded ALATCE (Latin American Association of Tourism and Equestrian Culture), an entity of which he is the secretary.

Owner and director of Andes Trek Adventure - Chile & Andes Riding Chile - Chile.

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